Monday, October 25, 2010

Big News

 I have been massively busy these last several weeks and feel as if I have had to put off focusing on my jewelry and finishing a lot of new pieces that are almost done.  I do have a good reason though!  I have decided to make a move that will hopefully benefit me creatively.  In just 2 weeks I will be making the move from Missouri to Virginia. For the next year I want to focus solely on moving to the next level with my business.  Finally I am getting the chance to make it a top priority.  I have always loved the east coast and am happy to say I have found a gorgeous place to call my home.  I am so excited to decorate, I think I daydream about wall paper,rugs and other decorating goodies all day long.... 

Once I move and get all settled in, I promise that I will faithfully keep up with this blog and you will see new things in my store on a regular basis!

Here are a few photos of my new home, I will post more when I have a chance to fix it up:

Can't wait to put my own holiday decorations up!

Studio Room

Lots of room in this kitchen to whip up some Vegetarian Treats!

I hope everyone has had a lovely October!  Stay tuned for more pics of the new house, an Awesome Give-Away and a full etsy store just in time for the Holidays!