Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation Photos and New Jewelry!

I have been so slow to post about my vacation.  It just seems like a lot of things took my attention as soon as I got home.  In the last week I have ended up having to get a new car battery and a new phone, had a bachelorette party to attend and have started working on a custom order.  Busy Busy Busy!

So finally I am able to share a little about my vacation.  The first leg began with a 3 day road trip from St. Louis to Saco, Maine.  We made several stops, one of them being my favorite unexpected stop in Port Jervis, NY at the Gillinder Glass Factory.  We were able to take a tour and watch the glass pieces being made.   I have always wanted to take a glass blowing class.  I have even signed up for several and all of them have been cancelled due to not enough interest.  One day....

recycled "mess-ups"

Action shot

Some finished pieces

Then later that evening we made it to our destination.  A little cottage in Camp Ellis, Maine that has been in our family for ages.  I have been going up almost every year since I was a little girl.  I have so many wonderful memories and tons of really funny ones.  The best memories are simple ones of sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs listening to the ocean and the lovely sounds of Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet coming from the quaint Christine's Bed & Breakfast right across the street. 

Our Cottage

Named after my Great Gram

My favorite spot

I took this on a midnight stroll ~ local church

Two Lights State Park, Cape Elizabeth

Here are some photos that I took of a few new pieces I made in Maine and are now up on my Etsy shop:


Stormy Sea Earrings ~ $14

Sea Lovin' earrings ~ $14

It's late so I will post in the next few days about my 2nd leg of my vacation.  I will also be starting my next Give-Away so keep checking back!  Good Night, Sleep Tight.



  1. I love to watch glass blowing too!

    The picture of the rockers on the porch look so inviting!

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Great shots … looks like a lovely place to relax and nurture those creative juices.

  3. All of these shots are just beautiful, Tamara! The ones from Maine make me want to head on back up there! Love you!

  4. That's too bad about the glass blowing classes, I'd love to try it too, but classes are a bit expensive.

  5. HAHAHA, I am from MAine. Love your blog... Beautiful Pics.. :)

  6. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had a wonderul, relaxing trip.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please do visit again soon.

  7. sounds like a fun trip - love your photos!

  8. The pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am definetly going to follow yours!

  9. Watching glass being blown must have been amazing. Sounds like it was a really great trip.

  10. Nothing like a vacation near water :) The earrings are beautiful, it looks like you had lots of inspiration on vacation!

  11. Love the vacation pics...looks like you had a lovely time :) Hope the glass blowing class becomes a reality for you soon :)

  12. I love the picture of the church, it's beautiful!! all these blogs about everyone's trips to maine are making me soooo jealous that i didn't get to go this year!

  13. Wow - your pictures are wonderful! Everything looks great. : )

  14. your pictures are beautiful! shows I have alot to learn lol...

  15. neat blog and sweet pictures!!!

  16. What a lovely time!! I love glass blowing.. we have Dale Chihuly over here in Seattle area & the Glass Museum in Tacoma... Also Very Fun Places to Vacation!!!
    *¨¨♥¨¨* Love your blog *¨¨♥¨¨*

  17. Found my way to your blog via the etsy forums. This particular post was most interesting and I truly enjoyed reading about your seaside vacation in a place that your family went to often in the past. Things do become a tradition and there is something comforting about a family tradition.
    I'm now following your blog and I hope that you will visit mine and perhaps follow me in return. :)